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A modal pushover analysis procedure to estimate seismic demands for unsymmetric-plan buildings : theory and preliminary evaluation

Chopra, Anil K.; Goel, Rakesh K.

UCB/EERC-2003/08, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 45 pages (400/E177/2003-08)

Based on structural dynamics theory, the modal pushover analysis procedure (MPA) retains the conceptual simplicity of current procedures with invariant force distribution. The MPA procedure for estimating seismic demands is extended to unsymmetric-plan buildings. When applied to elastic systems, the MPA procedure is equivalent to standard response spectrum analysis (RSA). The MPA estimates of seismic demand for torsionally stiff and torsionally flexible unsymmetric systems are shown to be similarly accurate as they are for the symmetric building.

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