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Research needs in limit design of reinforced concrete structures

Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-71/04, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, 1971-06, 45 pages (620.2/B374/1971)

This report presents a survey of research needs for further advancement in the field of limit design of reinforced concrete structures. The report opens by reviewing the current knowledge in this field and discusses the limitations of the existent or proposed theories and procedures as well as the potentialities of this new method of design. This is done by considering limit design as a particular method or as one of the essential steps of the limit state approach or comprehensive design which is the ideal way of approaching the design of any structure. Therefore, the most general problem of design of structures rather than the more specific one of limit design of such structures is reviewed. Recognizing the intimate interrelationship between the mechanical behavior of a structure and the actions or disturbances that will be exerted on it during its service life, the sources, treatment, and effects of these actions on structures are reviewed and summarized in a table. According to the problems introduced by the effects of the different actions, the survey of research needs is carried out distinguishing the knowledge needed for the limit design of structures whose design is controlled by monotonically and proportional actions from the investigations required to improve the proportioning of structures that are subjected to significant generalized actions. The need for investigating the phenomena of stiffness deterioration that has been observed under generalized actions is discussed in detail. The problems, current knowledge and research needs for advancement in the application of limit design to concrete structures are summarized in a table.

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