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Jan Kozak Collection: KZ930

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  • Title: Damage to Temple of Jupiter, Pompeii
  • Creator(s): unknown
  • Date: unknown
  • Source: Hoernes, Rudolf. Erdbebenkunde: Die erscheinungen und ursachen der erdbeben, die methoden ihrer beobachtung ... Leipzig, 1893.
  • Location: Western Europe/Italy/EUROPE
  • Earthquake: Pompeii, Italy earthquake, Feb. 5, 62(63?) A.D. Magnitude: 6.4

Description: German woodcut depicting the bas-relief from the house of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus. The image shows damage to the Temple of Jupiter and the Arch of Triumph at Pompeii. Detail of KZ1. (Pompeii, Italy)

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