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William G.Godden (Vol 4) Collection: GoddenJ72

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  • Title: Olive View Hospital, Sylmar
  • Creator(s): Bertero, Vitelmo V.
  • Date:
  • Location: United States/Sylmar/California/NORTH AMERICA/Los Angeles County
  • Earthquake: San Fernando, California earthquake, Feb. 9, 1971 Magnitude: 6.6
  • Structure: Olive View Medical Center (Calif.)

Description: Olive View Hospital, Sylmar, California. Partial view of the 5-story Medical Treatment and Care Unit (at right and back of slide), the walkway canopy, and the one-story Assembly Building (at left of slide) illustrating the damage that these buildings suffered during the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake. Note the large permanent lateral second floor level displacement of the main Treatment and Care Unit (a relative displacement with an interstory drift of 0.81 m measured at the corner columns).

Additional discussion of this image is available in Godden Set J: V. V. Bertero Introduction to Earthquake Engineering.

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