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William G. Godden Collection: GoddenD7

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  • Title: Crumlin Viaduct
  • Creator(s): Godden, Fredrick T.
  • Date: 1857
  • Source: Humber, William, 1821-1881. A practical treatise on cast and wrought iron bridges and girders. London: E.& F.N. Spon, 1857. SEE:
  • Location: EUROPE/Wales/Western Europe/United Kingdom
  • Structure: Crumlin Viaduct

Description: Crumlin Viaduct, Wales. This early railway viaduct is interesting in that it is constructed entirely from pin-connected iron members. Designed by the engineering firm of Liddell & Gordon, Thomas W. Kennard is credited with the construction, using a modification of the Warren truss. The viaduct was demolished in 1966.

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